Carpet Care Tips

We want you to enjoy your new beautiful carpet for as long as possible. Therefore, we have listed a couple of useful carpet cleaning tips for you on this page. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail to

Acrylic carpets

Use a vacuum-cleaner (no rotating brushes) to avoid the infiltration of dirt. When the carpet is new, it may appear to shed fluffs. It will decrease over time.

Remove stains instantly as far as possible. Use an absorbent cloth to aspirate liquids. Only rinse with lukewarm water – do not rub it in and avoid wetness on the carpet ground. Let it dry carefully or use a hair dryer.

Remove ground-in dirt frequently by using a damp cloth with lukewarm water. Rub very gently. Aftertreat with a dry terry towel. Repeat procedure as often as needed.

Please take the carpet to a professional carpet cleaner, if you can’t get rid of particular stains. Do not use any soap or household cleaners. It might ruin the carpet’s fabric and/or colours.

Nepal carpets

When the carpet is new, it may appear to shed fluffs. Vacuum the carpet (toward pile direction) once to three times per week. Only vacuum against pile direction to get rid of ground-in dirt.

Dab spilled liquids away with an absorbent cloth. Do not rub. Brush the carpet in pile direction and then treat the stain with lukewarm water and a soft cloth. Let the carpet dry carefully before walking on it.

Overlapping pile threads can be cut off with a sharp pair of scissors. Turn your carpet every now and then to prevent it from one-sided abrasion.

Indo-Nepal carpets

Use a vacuum cleaner without rotating brushes. Pile shedding is typical for carpets made out of pure wool. You may cut off overlapping piles with a sharp pair of scissors – don’t pull them out. Please note that colourful carpets might leave a stain on the ground.

Remove stains on the carpet only with a clean cloth or sponge. Do not rub. Use blotting paper for absorbing spilled liquids. Leave the removing of obstinate stains to a professional carpet cleaner.

High pile carpets

All long pile, high pile and shaggy carpets can easely be cleaned by using a conventional vaccum cleaner. Beating the carpet with the pile side down every now and then is recommended for removing ground-in dirt. Wet-cleaning should only be carried out by professional carpet cleaners.