Discover 100 % pure new wool from Morocco in its most fascinating shape. Berber carpets are artfully hand-knotted according to centuries-old traditions. Their soft beige color reminds of the fine Sahara desert sand.

By the first touch, a super-soft surface made of natural fiber is revealed. Wether uni-colored, mélange or lightly patterned: Their characteristic light coloring and their simple elegance create a quite natural ambience.

THEKO® Berber carpet Imaba Super:

Top class with a feel-good-factor! With its light beige colors its soft fibers, Imaba Super represents a beautiful naturalness you can see and feel.

Imaba Super 107 sand

Imaba Super 997 blanc

Imaba Super 998 jaspe

THEKO® Berber carpet Marmoucha:

Pure wool meets ethno-appeal! Marmoucha features a high-contrast play of colors and characteristic rhombic decoration.

Marmoucha 05 contrast

Marmoucha 02 terra

THEKO® Berber carpet Fes:

Quality can really be this natural! Fes has everything you want in a carpet: It is first-class manufactured, easy to clean and timeless elegant.

Fes 100 natural

Fes 115 natural multi

Fes 180 sand

Fes 661 kiesel

Fes 660 granit

THEKO® Berber carpet Royal Double:

Simple classiness full of charisma! Royal Double is specifically soft, because it is made of hand-knotted lamb’s wool from the African Atlas Mountains.

Royal Double 101 blanc

Royal Double 101 melange

Royal Double 609 blanc

THEKO® Berber carpet Tanger:

A natural product with a sense of style! Tanger is the epitome of „natural living“. Thanks to its classic, yet discreet look, it is never out of date.

Tanger 101 blanc

Tanger 101 melange

Tanger 225 blanc

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