Tom Tailor Soft

TOM TAILOR® CASUAL HOME carpet collection SOFT

The TOM TAILOR high pile „Soft“ carpets consist of extremely soft synthetics, making them as fleecy as pure wool.

The TOM TAILOR high pile „Soft Design“ carpets seem to be made out of pure wool, although they consist of synthetics. Fine threads let them look bright and rich colored. By the use of particular high and low pile structure, the carpets are given a stylish 3D appearance.

TOM TAILOR Soft – examples

Soft uni anthrazit

Soft uni atlantis

Soft uni beige

Soft uni black

Soft uni blue

Soft uni choco

Soft uni denim

Soft uni green

Soft uni grey

Soft uni lightpurple

Soft uni mint

Soft uni orange

Soft uni pink

Soft uni purple

Soft uni red

Soft uni rose

Soft uni sunflower

Soft uni turqouise

Soft uni white

Examples TOM TAILOR special shapes

Soft Herz black

Soft Herz grey

Soft Herz pink

Soft Herz purple

Soft Herz red

Soft Herz white

Soft Monster orange

Soft Monster turquoise

Soft Owl pink

Soft Owl turquoise

Soft Stern beige

Soft Stern denim

Soft Stern green

Soft Stern grey

Soft Stern red

Soft Stern turquoise

Soft Stern white

TOM TAILOR – brochure 2015