Hindustan Hali goes custom

THEKO® custom made: Design your own carpet by choosing the colors and size you want!

The history of Hindustan is based on ancient tradition. In the 16th century, Mughal emperors who were devoted to Persian art, brought carpet makers from Persia to have them manage newly founded manufactories, where finest carpets for imperial palaces were made.

By now, the tradition of carpet making in Hindustan is more than 400 years old and even much older in the border region in between Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Up until today, the individual patterns and styles, which Hindustan carpets are well known for, are mainly influenced by creative ideas and personal stories of carpet-manufacturing families in the villages of Hindustan.

The English, who started taking over reins of the continent by the year 1600, extended the carpet manufacturing business rapidly. These days, only few manufactories like ours produce those kinds of elaborate Indian carpets.

Hindustan carpets are made of finest handpicked and hand-spun new wool, using only the precious wool of sheep breed from Asia and Europe. Unlike soft New Zealand wool, the type of wool used for Hindustan carpets is specifically robust, contributing to a much more hard-wearing quality.

Their satiny shimmer, lint-free quality and beautiful structure are the results of a special wool mix and an extra treatment. They are a perfect base for classy, elegant Gabbeh designs as well as modern eyecatchers.

The exclusive Hindustan collection by THEKO® can now be customized by every private person and retailer!

Hindustan N 160 RIXO

Hindustan Sumak Super 1020

Hindustan Sumak 1002 800 multicilor

Hindustan Hali 9 1025

Hindustan Hali 1402

Hindustan Hali 1425

Hindustan Sumak Super 1020

Hindustan Hali 1431