Bidjar carpets and their designs have their roots in the Kurdish part of Persia (Iran), located in the surroundings of the Kurdish small town of Bidjar. The original Bidjar carpets stand for high quality and longevity, due to their thick and tight weave. Their simple elegance fits most ambiences. The “Meraj Silk Touch” quality is produced in India and picks up classy Bidjar designs. The medallion in the center of the carpet is very characteristic. The pile consists of 70 % new wool and 30 % pure silk.

Silk is not only a popular element of the pattern. It makes for a softer grip and glossy touch. The pattern is displayed perfectly as a result of a tight knotting method of 210,000 knots per m², which also improves the carpets durability and resistance.

Meray Silk Touch Baktiyarik cremecreme

Merry Silk Touch Classic Bidjar redcream

Abbas Meraj-Mir

Abbas Meraj-Mir